Amber (by Lyn)

the Flying Fox

Batty flying around a bitBatty is a loveable flying fox who can often be found on the DalNet IRC channel #afd. You may think it odd for a bat to be found on a primarily Dragon-inhabited IRC channel, but he just seems to fit in well. In actual fact Batty has brown fur with dark brown wings, but I couldn't get the material!

He is know for greeting those he meets by zooming around their head ... well apparently that's what bats do! I (Wyrm that is) always tried to catch Batty when he was doing this to me, but I was never quick enough (I'll get you one day)!

Batty is, in reality, an antipodean fruit bat - but I don't see him wearing any hats with corks dangling from the brim. Rather I would expect him to be raiding the fruit bowl whenever everyone's back is turned. I can also picture him, on being discovered in said fruit bowl, acting as if it was the most natural thing in the world and simply saying "What?"

Batty is very easy to make from the pattern. The most difficult thing is getting the right coloured fur. The ears and wings are black felt, and the eyes are ready-bought push-through button ones.

Download the pattern
View the pattern

One last thing, when you come to print out the pattern DO NOT select the 'fit to page' option - the PDF has been designed to fit on both A4 and letter paper and if you select 'fit to page' then the size of the pattern will be too large.

Batty flying around some more

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