For All The Dragons - Fly Free and fly high,loved ones. - Ryu

Stars' Pyre - Gods speed you to your next life. May you find peace within it and beyond. Zhai'helleva. - Silriel Ellynaraea

Stars'_Pyre - You showed me so many things. And you were a friend to me when i was down, scorned. I will always miss you. So i am waving a final farewell to you. Farewell Stars'_Pyre....Farewell.... - Ceralor

Starspyre - I never got to know you well before you died. I hope that where you are, you no longer are treated badly from furs and others.
I wish that the godess is with you always.
Some say that life is cold
Others claim it to have passion
Little I can say but what my heart speaks
Some say that the ocean is cold
others say it is filled with life.
Dragons dream of great things, so did you my friend
You never had the chance of being loved
I wish I could have done that for you
Helped you find love eternal, but now it is too late
Farewell my friend, spread your wings and fly
Fly high in the sky and soar above us
Fly to regions where we cant reach to the day we will meet again
Farewell my brother.. Farewell oh dragon - Fengbaowu

StarsPyre - I barely even knew ya, but I miss you. Strange, but thats the way things go, I suppose. I wish I could have talked with you more before this, maybe even helped in whatever way I could to make it better. You're in my thoughts, Stars, and I'm sure youre in many others' as well. - Jason A. Collins April 07, 2002

Stars' Pyre - So young, so bright, so lost...
I'll treasure our first, and last, hug.
I hope you've found your wings at last. - Quelonzia Stormdancer

Stars' Pyre - I'm sorry that we were never on good terms, if anything from a stubborness on both sides over what we thought was right. Yet I set aside that argument now and give my respects to you for making it as far as you did, even if your demons finally drove you to the worst. I also give my condolences to your family and friends. I truely hope you have found happiness in whatever is beyond death that you could not seem to find in life. - Arcturax

Stars' Pyre - It's been a little over a week since I heard about Stars' Pyre. I didn't know him well -- mostly from his posts here and on other lists, only a few encounters online, only once in person, just a few short months ago at Further Confusion 2002.
I read some of his LiveJournal after I heard. I can, to some extent, relate to what he was saying: I have yearned deeply to wear a dragon's form, to soar on dragon's wings. When the sky is right and the clouds slip across the sky, I feel that need like a deep and heartfelt ache.
However, unlike many who feel the call of their inner dragon, or whatever form their souls might take, I've never felt "trapped" in human form. How can you trap a dragon in something as brief and bright as a human life? I have taken it as an axiom that I have CHOSEN this life, chosen to wear this form, chosen to suffer Hamlet's slings and arrows. Why? I don't know -- but I know that there are many things that humans know that dragons do not. I know that humans have strengths and beauty that even dragons can find admirable.
I did not choose this life to mourn my draconity. I chose it to celebrate my humanity. - Athelind Stormdancer

StarsPyre - I didn't know you, at least at name level. I know we've passed each other several times. I want to give my last respects. I understand exactly how you felt, but also I know that ending life is not the way to fix things. Whatever deity you chose, may they watch over you. - Rembion

To the Departed and Hidden Dragons - Every soul chosen by chance-every soul the key, to unlocking your past-and setting you free. - Herald of the Finnish Dragon

Jerald of the Snow - A curse to the gods above and below,
For separating our paths and making life slow.
Against our wishes, we were torn apart,
Forcing one to stay and the other to depart.
Farewell, my ally, my friend, my burden,
And in your sleep may you find your way back,
Through the planes separating us from our ease,
And the sky, when night is day,
May we find our way. - Herald of the Finnish Dragon

My Little One - Tiny dragon, you wished no harm.
But still death wrapped you in his cold arms.
All you wanted was solace, a place to sleep;
But my promise of protection I could not keep.
Now rest your wee head
In your wee earthen bed,
Worry not of tommorrow, or even today;
Your in the realm of the dragon now, far far away.
Dravia, my little one. You are now among friends. - Bereft Draconia

My Dad - Though you have been gone now 36 years, I still miss you. You were a good man and a good Dad. I am thankful for the 26 years I had with you and my one regret is that I never told you "I love you" but, Dad, I did, I do and I always will. - Vic

Rain - My poor baby...
You didn't deserve to have such a short and unfair existence. I wish I could have made your life better somehow... But you are gone. Sleep well beloved...
~*The Unknown Dragon*~
In memory of Rain (March 1st 2000 - July 4th 2002)
~*Perhaps no one was ever there
To hear you laugh and roar.
Perhaps no one ever cared
When you could laugh no more.
Perhaps no one you ever knew
Had a soul quite like yours.
Perhaps no one stuck around
When they heard your dragon roars.
Perhaps your family kicked you out,
And your friends couldnt understand.
Perhaps the world turned its back on your shouts
And left you bound to the land.
Perhaps you never knew that
You werent alone in the world.
Perhaps you never got a chance
To feel your wings unfurled.
Perhaps youll never know now
What it is I had to say.
Perhaps Ill never be there
To help you through the day.
Perhaps youve already gone
To some place far away.
But now you'll fly eternally
On wings as bright as day. - Zanara

May your fire never go out. All though you are an enemy you are a friend. - The Prince of Ice

My grandpa - He wasn't a dragon. He was a man. He worked with the Navajo, he visited every continent except Antarctica, and his last words to anyone were over a cell phone. I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye, Grampy... I loved you. - Ssthisto

My best beloved - I knew you so little but you knew me like the back of your hand when I looked away you were gone, but you will never be forgotten for you shall always live in my heart, Fly high seek peace Grand Dragon. A tribute to my grandmother who died when i was young I knew her so little, but she loved me and I loved her she was my Grand Dragon and I her Little Dragon. - Little Dragon

May you have the strength in times of need to do what is right, regardless of how hard it may seem. - Dargon

Mom - May dragons be in your heart always. Because they will always be in mine, no matter what. May their bodies and souls be free and soar above all of us. I wish that we all got to see them before they died. They're such beautiful creatures. May they have fun soaring. - Spit

Jasmine - May you always bring joy to those that remember you. fly forever in my mind. - Lucky and Cathy

Johnathon - He was no dragon, but he was a warrior. We became friends on the battlefield, and lovers from that. I can only prey that he befel the same fate as me, and that his soul is still out there, waiting for me. - Silver Dragon

Sprigan - Although you are not with us you will always be there in flight. We shall meet on the other side. - Asrai Dreamweaver

Stephen, My Best Friend - Wherever you are, I pray that you're safe and doing well. Always fly fast and high, my kind fighter. - Talon Firestorm (Michelle)

Dragons, and all other wondrous creatures - I wish you well. May you never be persecuted or maligned where you are. Best of luck to you all.

Valence - Forever my love... - Vilnau

FireClaw Vulcan - It has been too long, my friend. I fear you gone. If you ever return home then good luck. I miss you, friend, and I will do forever - I do not know what has befallen you, but hope that my judgement is wrong. Fly high, stay safe, never walk mans' road. I'll look for you for eternity, dear friend. - Zandramas Demane Draco

Kharess - A rose will bloom and then will fade, but the scent and the touch will be remembered, always. Beloved, God will clasp the broken chain when we be together again, watch the skies for me. - Meverous

Kherche - Farewell, my boy. Untimely death for you and your father both. Wait for me... - Meverous

My Watchers - From beyond the ethereal mist all shall be set right, may the eyes be bright, the scales strong, and the fires hot. - The Blue Dragon / Dragoon

May the mark of a thousand claws that have dressed upon this land be not a mere notch but a tribute to all who have passed. - Cicero Kharan

To really see the dragon, look with your heart not with your eyes. - dragonlady

Blaze - Inferno ready to fly home. My dragon wings are ready to fly. When I come up here upon this world, I'll see you and never say good bye again. I'm coming back to my life and love. You gave me hope, luck and love that this flying dragon coming home. - Inferno

- Tupac who rests in peace, may the spirits be with you. - Mark Drake

Nathan - My heart is feeling gutted
My heart is feeling sad
My soul is hurting deep inside
For that child I never had
I wonder what color his eyes would be
I even visualize his face
I also dared to wonder
If another child would take his place
His presence was such a shock you see
But soon the feelings changed
As time wore on and he grew inside
I accepted life was rearranged
This tiny life began to bring such joy
For such a small amount of time
I came to love this little boy
I came to call him one of mine
I began to foresee his smiling face
I looked forward to his touch
Now my heart aches so very deep inside
Because I miss our son so much
I touch my belly way down low
Then remember hes not there
I feel the void inside my soul
Then hold back those many tears
I yearn, I want, I need, you see
For our child to grow in me
I have no choice, I must concede
His soul I must set free. - Silence

- Nice knowin ya budy......wish i could see you again. - Unknown

Those who hurt - Never fear, for when you cry, some will hear.
For all the effort it takes to rise, it is so easy to fall.
Never fear, for when you are down, some will come near.
But all can hear, and will draw near when the dragons call.
Never fear, for the dragons in your dreams are here. - KnowClue02

Keesahn - My love, my life... I can't say how much I've missed you. Your love changed me and after you left, i kept it in my heart. when i learned of your death, i lost my mind.... i'll try to stay strong... i love you, my dearest... always have, always will, until the end of time. - Jeridu

Anyone - You were like a strong Dragon to me. You still let your fire burn. -

- In honour of She Who Was. - Aphrodite Lydriana de Pluie

Stars'Pyre - I'm new to the Alfandria family, so I didn't know you. Still, you have my best wishes where you have gone. -


- To all who soar, be by wing or by imagination, let not the world bear you down, but you to bear it up, by love and kindness. - Diadem

Stars'pyre - Shine on, Stars'pyre. - Qwerty

Eyovah - Eyovah I MISS YOU! It's been more than two years but still my heart screams its grief whever I think of you... -

Azurre - You were and still are my closest friend, may your wings never tear and be spread wide as you soar through deep blue skies far from this desolate place. May Fate let us meet again one day and may you awaken from your slumber in the arms of your Love. Farwell my friend. - Dagmarr

Rhianna - Starlight and moondust
Within your brown eyes.
Jealous witchery
From a friend in disguise.
Away to the sun.
Your time is done.
My love,
My life,
My dark wing'd one,
All things in time must end.
Some, before they begin.
Goodbye, me lass,
Our days are pass'd,
I'll remember you always. - Max

Layne - I miss you daily in ways i could never imagine. You were my heart and my soul. I will never find another to take your place in my life. -

Hespa - you set me free, and I flew so high with you. Now the earth approaches, and I miss your wings - J.

To The Elder Hunter, Koi-chng'Zuk - You gave me wisdom beyond the Centuries. You gave me a path to follow. You gave me the light I needed to follow it. You showed me how to survive in this cruel and unforgiving world. The prize of my next hunt is yours Great One. May it nurture you in your next life. Zhai'helleva. - Your apprentice in Bloodlust, Lastlife the Hunter

Our Winged Soul Mates - With thee, my soul flies
Free among the heavens above
May ever our lives remain entwined
Forever shall you soar in my dreams - Shahorva Lilanti, the Silver Dragonness

Nale - You have given me so much more than words could ever say - you have done so much more than I could ever have asked for. Even after all these years, I cannot get over your loss. I will never forget you, Nale. - Schneelocke

Willem Graystar - Est Solarus oth Mithas. My Honor is My Life. As you were, as am I. Life to Life, Heart to Heart, and Soul to Soul. May the Good Spirit's guide thee to greatness, but please my love, wait for me, thou shan't be alone for long. Farewell, Beloved. - Ravenna Graystar